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replace battery cable for Yamaha T8

Started by mikehatz, September 04, 2023, 12:33:40 PM

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I need to replace the battery cable on my T8 and the OEM is available online for about $112 but that seems like a lot for a 6' cable. I'm considering making up my own but this cable has a small wire coming out from the negative side that I assume is a grounding wire. I'm okay crimping on lugs but not sure about how the handle the ground wire splice. Any advice from someone who has handled this? Or thoughts about whether this is something that can be ordered from Greg's Marine Wiring for less than the OEM?

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   The price of copper is crazy, and since this is a battery cable there's a lot of copper there.  I would contact Greg's and ask if you sent them your old cable, would they duplicate it?  Their product will likely be higher quality than OEM, and if you don't NEED a 6' cable length, a shorter cable would save some money as well.  Even if the price is the same, I'd still go with Greg's.
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I think you should be able to just use a separate small wire and simply stack the terminals on the appropriate lug. I don't see any need to actually splice the small wire onto the big cable.  :shrug9:
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