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Happy Thanksgiving to every Member and their Families

Started by Danno, November 24, 2022, 12:30:27 PM

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I'm thankful for the community that makes this forum special to me and many others.

Enjoy your family, turkey, fixins, football and your Arimas on this fine holiday!

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While my wife is cooking,  I have been out on the boat all day doing gel coat work.
It's a nice sunny 77 degree day in Bellflower.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.


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Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope all of you have a great dinner and full stomachs!
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Actually a sunny day here in NW WA.  But, I can assure you that it's nowhere near the 77deg that Martin3 is bragging about here.  My SH is all emptied and covered up for the winter.

I'm just helping with the cooking and posting to AO.

Remember.....Better to have Turkey than BE a turkey.  Wishing everyone the best.
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Quote from: AJFishin on November 24, 2022, 03:49:15 PM
Happy Thanksgiving everyone, hope all of you have a great dinner and full stomachs!
My stomach is so full I can't even sit down.  :food:

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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Happy Thanksgiving to all of our members.  I appreciate your friendships and advice.  Hope you all had a great day.
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Always thankful each time I check AO.Com.

We spent Tday sorting and packing and more to do today for our trip to Colorado to see if an ELK wants to ride home with us.  Thankful we can still get around and also that we have a young strong guide to help with the packing out.    :food:

Leaving Saturday and will be back early December.  Story and pics to follow--- but you knew that  :wink:
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Thanks Danno to you and all the admins for creating this great playground and keeping it running!

Thanks to all members for the entertainment value, insights and education!

Best wishes to all,
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Yachter Yat

   Danno:  A Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to you, and all our members, as well.  Thank you also for devoting the time and effort to keeping this great site alive and well. 

All the best, Yat
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