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On Shore Power Supply Installation

Started by Tunacious, April 02, 2016, 09:26:34 PM

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Several months ago I purchased all the items I needed to install an on shore power supply.

I had some help from several people on here help me purchase the right items.  I think FULL PULL directed me to the right distribution panel.  Wry Guy (Rick) is my go to guy for electrical.

Thanks to all the helpers.

Today I got around to finishing the project.

I installed a Blue Sea 120 volt Power Distribution Panel, which is a 3 Position Accessory Panel.  (PN #8058)

Each of the positions has a 15 amp breaker.

I installed the accessory panel inside a plastic water proof Pelican Case.  I did this to keep the panel clean and dry when the boat is under power.

In the photos below you can see I mounted the 30 amp plug directly below the accessor panel.

I ran two lines to the back of the boat.  Each of the lines goes to a separate battery charger.  I decided to install CTEK battery chargers.  CTEK does not make a two bank charger so I hooked up separate chargers.  Having a separate breaker to each charger is probably overkill but that is what I decided to do.  I probably used extra heavy wire but I didn't want a problem.

I ran the third line to the cudy and installed a plug with a water proof cover.  The plug is going to run a small heater and fan and a LED light.  I have not purchased the LED light yet. 

I want the small LED light so when I go to my boat at night while it is moored I will be able to see.

The heater and fan is to keep the cudy and the items stored there from becoming moldy and smelly in case I want to sleep there.

My plan is to keep the two chargers, heater and LED light plugged in in at all times so I don't have to mess with cords.

When I am at port I will plug in my 30 amp plug from the on shore power and then turn on the chargers and the heater and light with the breaker switches.

Im not real good at understanding electrical stuff but I took my time and used dialectical grease on all the connections.

It came out really clean and I like where it is mounted.  The plug box and the Pelican case are rock solid.


Walt, that is a great looking project way to go.  For your LED light look up  I converted all my lighting in my RV's to LED with help from Steve at M4, even my fluorescent lights.  I had been looking for quite a while for quality LED lighting.  Not sure if their stuff is marine rated but worth giving him a call
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Outstanding!  Those of us who moor need this exact system.  Would you mind specifying the components you used?  This would be a great sticky for owners to reference.
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Very nicely done Walt.  :bowdown:  :clap:  I really like use of  the Pelican case -

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Installation looks nice and clean, Walt.
Glad the 8058 worked well for your needs.
I really like the sealed Pelican box for the panel, and the splashproof 120V outlet box in the cuddy.
Well done!

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When I installed the On Shore Power system in my Arima I used the following items.

Hubble 50 foot 30 AMP twist lock cord:  Hubble Part Number HBL61CM08
The cord gets the power from the dock to the boat.

Hubble stainless steel 30 AMP 125 volt receptacle:  Hubble Part Number HBL30355
You plug the cord on shore into this plug

Blue Sea Systems 120 volt AC Poser Distribution Panel.  3 (15 AMP) position accessory Panel.  Blue Sea part number 8058
You run a 12-2 (3 wire from your Hubble Receptacle to the panel distribution box.

The electrical outlet box I used to place a 15 AMP plug inside of is similar to Hubble part number HBL6084 (I purchased a similar box at Lowes)

The cover I used to cover the plug box is similar to Hubble part number RW58300  (I purchased a similar cover at Lowes)

You have three breakers on your power distribution box.  You can run three different 15 AMP runs to different locations on your boat to power what you choose.

I chose to run a 12-2 three wire to the cuddy and installed a splash proof over a plug box to run a heater and a LED light.

I purchased two heavy duty 10 gauge three wire extension cords and cut the male end off of the plug and used them to run to the back of the boat to plug a separate battery charger into each extension cords.

You will need about 12 heat shrink connectors for the panel distribution box.

Be sure and use Dialectical Grease on all all electrical connections.

The power distribution panel is very easy to wire up.  The box comes with a wiring diagram and the box itself has marking on it telling you where to hook up the power.

I placed my power distribution box inside of a Pelican 1150 water proof box.  I used a piece of starboard inside the Pelican case to screw the power distribution panel to.

Blue Seas sells a Panel Back Electrical Panel Insulating Cover, part number 4026, for the distribution panel if you choose to mount your distribution panel inside of their cover.  I chose to use the Pelican case instead.

I plan to install a LED light with a motion detector in the cabin of the boat and run a plug to the same outlet in the cuddy.
The LED light is for me to see in the dark when I board my boat at night and to hopefully keep Tweakers off my boat.

Hubble 50 foot twist lock 30 amp power cord  (part number HBL61CM08)

Hubble Stainless Steel Electrical plug in (part number HBL30355)

Pelican 1150 case

Blue Sea Systems 120 volt AC Poser Distribution Panel.  3 (15 AMP) position accessory Panel.  (Blue Sea part number 8058)

Heavy duty extension cords.  (I used these because I liked the female plug ends they came with)

Two CTEK 7002 on board battery chargers.  Each hooked to its separate and own breaker so I can turn on and off at the distribution box

15 AMP plug inside of a splash proof box which is similar to Hubble part number HBL6084

cover for the plug box is similar to Hubble part number RW58300

Blue Seas electrical panel insulating cover.  part number 4026


Great resource! Thanks for taking the trouble to post this for us!
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You asked me to post the part numbers to make a sticky.

I do t know what a sticky is.

Do I need to do something or does the moderator do it?


Walt, look at the top of most sections- the pink background and post it with a stick pin= sticky

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Ok. I see the pink sections.
Does the moderator put a topic in that section


2005 SL 22 Honda 225 Kodak
Sold:Osprey 26 LC Kodak;  Arima SR 19 HT, Arima SE 16 WeeBait; SH 15 WeeBoat; SR 21 NoBait;  SL 22 ReBait


Clean.....! Very functional setup...
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Heres some pics of my shore power system.  Main components are the inlet, galvanic isolator,blue sea panel with an elci, and a blue sea batterylink charger/acr. 

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