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New aluminum trailer
« on: April 04, 2015, 12:50:42 PM »
Hi Guys…. This question isn't necessarily in regards to an Arima, although I do have one that will share the yard (and my time) with the new boat. I'm currently building a small keeled sailboat. The finished weight will be about 1400#. It's nearly ready for a trailer and being a keel boat, it will have to be custom fit. Furthermore, I'd like to keep the overall weight as low as I can so an aluminum trailer seems like the way to go. I won't say that cost isn't an object but I know the package will not be "cheap."

So my question regards manufacturers. I've contacted the usual suspects and the majors don't want to deal with loading the center of the trailer with my keel. (Unlike most boats, like the Arima, all the weight must rest on the keel support. Side pads are only for stability.) This leaves custom shops. The collective wisdom here is vast so I thought I'd ask for names of places to contact. I don't mind going a bit afield. I'm near Seattle. I'll consider anyplace within a three day drive. So far I've contacted:
Tuff Trailer
Northwest Aluminum Trailer
American Star fabricators
Kokopelli Trailers (their smallest model is 3500#… too much for my boat)

I'd really appreciate any recommendations you have. Surely there are some small custom shops out there that would take on this project. I just haven't found them yet.


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Re: New aluminum trailer
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2015, 12:57:14 PM »
How about EZLoader ?  They have great service.  Would they not want to do it ?
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Re: New aluminum trailer
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I was told by an ezloader dealer that they don't mess with keel boats. At least they don't have a trailer that is small enough for my purposes that will still accommodate a keel. One fellow in California who built a boat like mine used an EZ loader. He did the mods himself but relies on the regular cross beams to carry the keel load. I don't believe this was wise. The cross beams on most trailers are built for bunks or rollers that fit under the chines. When one moves the load to the center of the beam the resulting moment will exceed its designed capacity.

If I get too large of a trailer, one with more carrying capacity than the load requires, the springs will be too stiff for the boat. The resulting hard ride could likely cause damage.

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Re: New aluminum trailer
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I had NW aluminum Trailers build me a trailer for my 21 foot arima.  I had a few issues with the hull of the boat fitting the rails.   I found was easier to have the trailer altered at a second location.

You might call EZ Pull who makes crab pot pullers and other things.  I know he does not make trailers for the public but I saw a utility trailer he built for himself out of aluminum I am very sure he is very capable if you could get him to do it.

I needed a electric tuna puller and there was no such thing.  I contacted him and he built it and it works great.  He is one of those kind of guys that can probably build anything.
\good luck

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