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smart tab mod for beaching
« on: June 29, 2011, 11:25:56 PM »
For those occasions when it is necessary to pull up on the beach (we love island camping and occasional spontaneous day hikes), I'd like to keep my wonderful but expensive smart tabs out of harm's way.  I saw that the smart tab factory makes a lift kit but it doesn't work on the plastic model that I have.  I copied their idea of lifting with a line- I have no idea how they secure the line inboard but I used the "V" cleats that are common for securing lines on sailboats.  I just got small plastic ones that work fine.
The reason the factory lift method doesn't work on the plastic units is they release the pin at the top of the shock (which is easier since not submerged), but the plastic legs at the bottom of the shock that hold the pin won't rotate very far back on the spine they attach to so releasing the top didn't work.  So I tried  releasing the bottom pin (this is easy with the clevis pin if you redrill the holes with a 5/16" bit so the pin slides easily) and found that the shock and the tab happily rotate up out of harm's way.  I drilled one of the ribs or spines on each tab to attach the line then mounted the "V" cleat inside the transom, and found that if I run the line between the upended shock fork legs the shock and tab are safely up.  I tied little parrel beads on the ends of the lines to get a good grip on them.
Here's some ideas for improvement after returning from our week of crabbing over the 4th on Whidbey:  1 find a better way to attach the line to the tabs than just tying them on.  2 hook up a retainer to keep the clevis pin and clip from accidentally swimming in the rare case that my fingers are clumsy in the cold water  :biggrin:.  there may be others that i'll discover after trying it out on the water.

I still don't know how to move photos from my gallery to this post so you can see the pics under smart tab mod in my gallery.

Have a happy and safe celebration of our liberty this weekend.  I intend to try out some of my expired flares!

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