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Replying to PM's sent to your email
« on: May 07, 2011, 11:22:20 AM »
If you have your PM's sent to your email account, please note that when you reply to the message, the ABOG admin account is the default return email address. If you don't change the email address, the reply will be sent to me.  This is because all of the email via the ABOG website uses the admin account to forward PM's and posts that you have setup in your settings to receive. I cannot see your outgoing emails. I can only see those you email specifically to the admin account. While I don't mind reading your replies, your intended recipient won't get your email.

I do reply to you to let you know it didn't go to your intended recipient but it takes be a bit to get to it because it's not an email that I use for anything but  ABOG account dealings.

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