Author Topic: New Arima Owner I need Some Advice Please on Outboard Mechanic and Canvas  (Read 58 times)

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Hi thanks in advance for any help I have been searching and looking for some stuff to point me in the right direction but would like some more advice. I have a 1990 Sea Ranger 17ft , need a Mercury outboard mechanic somewhere close to me in Seattle that will be fair and do a good job.
 I also need to put a new canvas on top , but I have the original side window and back curtain that are brand new and never been used since 1990. wondering if possible to just have a brand new top and mate with the other new pieces? please refer a good canvas choice
Thanks a Bunch!!!

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Probably not on your second question. 

At one time there was a Mark's mobile marine iirc that did a great job on Mercury as I remember. Not sure, but am guessing he is still doing it. 
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What year is your Mercury? 2-stroke or 4? HP? What’s wrong with it?
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What year is your Mercury? 2-stroke or 4? HP? What’s wrong with it?

 1990  2 stroke 90 hp quicksilver with power trim I believe, kicker is same age and have not been used in long time, need them both diagnosed and checked and attempt to get running again.

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Can't help on the Merc mechanic, sorry.

Probably not much help on the canvas either.  :redface:   But, my experience with canvas is that usually the top deteriorates faster than the rest as it is used more and is catching the most sun. I've had boats with canvas similar to yours and canvas guys say that it is difficult and costly to create a top to match the old sides and back and they most likely won't replace just the top.  These setups start with the top being made first and the sides and back are made to match the top. So you're stuck with using a crappy top with the rest or getting new all around. Canvas guys will use the existing bows and hardware if still in good order.

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Not sure where you are located, but Martin in Anacortes fixed multiple issues with my similar vintage Mercury. I get screwed over by a CL "mobile mechanic" prior to meeting him. He is a shade tree guy but fixed all my issues at a very reasonable price.
He can be reached at 360-420-1072.
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I can’t help you regarding the canvas, but I can recommend a mobile mechanic.  Jesse from Mobile Outboard Service (Not too sure about the company name), 206 963-1072.  I’ve only used him twice for my prior boat that had a 1988 2 stroke Mercury, but each time he was accurate in his diagnosis and the work was good and reasonably priced.  One time when I called him, he asked me about the problem, diagnosed it over the phone as a simple fix and talked me through it at no charge.  So no extensive experience with him, but the impression is that he is honest and reasonable, to me that goes a long way.
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