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mounting accessories on top of hardtop
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I am considering mounting rod holders and perhaps a few other things in the future(LED light bar, radar etc) on top of my hardtop.  There seems to be at least 2-3 inches of space between the fiberglass/gelcoat top layer on the roof and the underside panel that faces you when you are in the cabin.  I assume there is foam in the 2-3 inch space or is there wood?.  How does one securely mount accessories on top of the hardtop?  Do you have to get bolts that go through the top of the roof with nuts that lock it down from ceiling inside the cabin?  If there is wood, can you use screws?  I noticed the rails on top of my hardtop are secured down by screws.  However, there are a few screws from the rails where I've tried to tighten but they just keep on turning in circles so I don't suppose they are well anchored to whatever material is under there... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.