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Re: Did my elite 5 transducer quit
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Don't take my word for it.  From West Marine:

How much transmit power, and what frequencies?

How many watts?

The power of a fishfinder—the strength of the “ping”—is expressed in watts RMS (root mean squared). Power is directly related to how well you see in silt-laden water, view down to greater depths, and successfully resolve separate targets and bottom structure. A 500-watt (RMS) fishfinder should have plenty of power for most coastal applications. Serious bluewater anglers should look for 1,000 watts or more. Inland lake fishermen can see the shallow bottom with only 200 watts.
Frequency of the transducer(s)

Fishfinders operate using a single frequency transducer, dual frequencies, multiple frequencies or a broadband CHIRP system. See our online Advisor, Selecting a Sonar Transducer, for more about transducers. In general, higher frequencies give the finest detail resolution, the least background noise on your screen and the best view from a fast-moving boat, but don’t penetrate as deeply as lower frequencies. Shallow-water inland anglers generally choose higher frequencies of 200kHz, 400kHz or 800kHz. For maximum depth, use lower frequencies. We recommend 200kHz or higher (up to 800kHz) for water depths up to 200' and 80kHz or 50kHz for deeper waters.

My take is that 500 watts is probably fine for salt if you are typically fishing 300' or less.  600 watts is better.  If you want to hold bottom in really deep (800' feet), 600 is minimum.  A higher end unit from Raymarine or Furuno will have a separate digital sounder module that pumps out 1000 watts of power.  I think a big part of Rusty's problem is his unit just doesn't have enough power to do what he needs it to do.
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Re: Did my elite 5 transducer quit
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Steve, not trying to argue the point. But as in the article, the author says there are a ton of variables. In Rusty's op he say's he was in 700' when he lost bottom. The point is that many units with less than 600watts preform in saltwater just fine beyond say 300'. I am expecting (hoping) the 300watt Furuno Ls4100 to do just fine in those conditions and beyond.  Those scanning/imaging units will not preform in these conditions very well, if at all as the articles points out.  :twocents:
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Re: Did my elite 5 transducer quit
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As to frequency, keep in mind that if you plan to have more than one sonar unit on board, make sure that the two operate on different frequencies to avoid interference with each other.  So if one has 50kHz and 200 kHz, choose the second to have 83 kHz and 200 kHz and don't let both be on 200 kHz at the same time.   

Better yet, the second one could be a DSI unit operating at 455 kHz and 800 kHz.  Don't know how a CHIRP unit would coexist with a 50, 83, or 200 kHz unit in practice.  When someone tries this, please post your results so the rest of us don't have to learn from our own mistakes.  :whistle:

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Re: Did my elite 5 transducer quit
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Geez 3wt. that transducer is huge, no wonder you had to stick trim tabs on your boat (chuckle,chuckle). Anyway I just wondered why my unit wouldn't come back went I got to shallow water. Which reminds me, I read one time went someone sonar or vhf radio would quit working because their battery power was exceeding 16 volts from their trolling motor. I wonder if thats happening to me since my 6hp merc has a rectifier that charges and is hook up to the battery but no regulator, but my vhf radio and gps side of the unit is still working.