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Re: Electrical Question opinions
« Reply #25 on: January 17, 2013, 04:59:37 PM »
:hoboy: Yikes !! I hope I am not the Duck being lined up.....   :shrug9:  I only booked enough time off work for a quick trip to Puyallup..... wasnt planning on going all the way to Californiacation   

GoodDays Greg

Don't worry Bagwhan, the 'ducks being lined up' are here at home... and besides, I wouldn't be so bold to drag the Bagwhan into the 'abyss' of that State of Californication... I'll volunteer to 'take one for the team' (VI Arimaniacs) when the time comes!  :1zhelp:

Woody, I have looked (online only) at the EZ ACDC wiring system in the past. One issue I had right off the start was their use of non-adhesive automotive style crimp terminations for most of their connections. I had sent them an email inquiry... no response!  :shrug9:
Another example was their use Blue Sea Systems (the best marine electrical equipment IMHO) for some of their systems, they then mix it with BEP VSR (see their dual battery set-up) and then they have what looks like brass terminal blocks ??? The Blue Sea 'Add-a-battery' system is a better ACR (automatic charging relay) that recognizes a charger output in the 'float mode' and stays connected in a parallel mode to charge both batteries where the BEP is a VSR (voltage sensitive relay) that has the tendancy to drop out as the voltage increases, connect again, only to drop out again, over and over, failing to completly charge the batteries and also increasing the chance of the VSR failing... The BEP products are pretty good, generally, but I still prefer Blue Sea.

The ease of using a pre-made generic wiring harness to re-wire is tempting I'm sure, but having to buy a harness that is made up for boats in 5' increments seems to be a waste if you have a boat on the shorter side of that (ie: < 15', 15'-20', 20'-25') and having exactly the length of wire you need rather than longer is better when it comes to VD issues as well (hang on, don't shoot coffee out your nose Russ, VD in electrical terms means Voltage Drop. It's a function of wire size, length, resistance)

It's easy for me to make these statements, I have the tools and a wholesale account..
These of course are just my professional opinions and your mileage may vary!

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Re: Electrical Question opinions
« Reply #26 on: January 17, 2013, 05:14:28 PM »
Actually, that was one of the more understandable explanations I've heard.


So, do you get VD on your boat?
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Re: Electrical Question opinions
« Reply #27 on: January 17, 2013, 05:18:49 PM »
Chuck, If you reach the stage of high interest they were responsive to Emails.  Expect phone calls also would be informative.  Explain your set up, they will recommend basic or deluxe approach.  Can be a small initial investment with later "add ons".

Rick, I also agree you outlined some plus/minus quite well.  There is always good, better and best approaches to every situation, most obvious when you investigate electrical.

Crimp vs. shrink/adhesive filled is one.  Blue Sea vs other components is another.  of course Arimas and others are going over 25-30 years with non tinned, crimp wire and fittings and a very large percentage of safe vessels have non Blue Sea equipment.  Few feet extra wire is doable.

I really appreciate your honesty in saying that you have the talent, the shop, equipment and the account to do it custom instead of generic.  While I would love to have a pro just do it, mass produced approaches as EZcd might help those of us without those resources   I have used factory harnesses for street rods and customs and found them helpful.

Looking for and giving information because no one I know has personal experience with EZ acdc. Thankfully we have guys like Rick who chip in and give us different views. I will solicit Rick's advice, expecially on critical "that's dangerous, don't do it" situations.

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