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Sea Ranger 17 cabin windows leaking. Sealant?

Started by metalwrkr, May 19, 2023, 09:48:57 AM

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The side windows on my Sea Ranger's cabin are leaking.  They are just a piece of lexan or plexi glass that is bedded with sealant and screwed around the window hole.  What is the recommended sealant? I would like to stay away from silicone if possible.  Appreciate any input.
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   metalwrkr:  Just my opinion, but I'd be more in favor of black LifeSeal. If you want it to come-out looking 'professional', before applying the sealant, use strips of painter's tape to get thin, straight lines along the frames.
   Pretty easy to do:  Apply tape, LifeSeal and swipe with thumb. You might be pleasantly surprised at how this works.  Oh yeah...just don't wait too long before removing the tape.  :wink: 


Edit:  Forgot to sure you thoroughly clean any wax off the surfaces to be sealed.  Also, when removing the tape, try to pull it off in the 'opposite' direction of the sealant. 
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I made acrylic replacement windows for my SR and used Lifeseal but clear.  Works great.
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I did like Yat suggested and I use Boatlife Lifeseal, but used clear like Keel-er, it's also good for a lot of other stuff, and no leaks.
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I re-sealed my windows with Black Life-Seal and 3m tape.
Came out perfectly.

I also used same to re-bed my front hatch glass.
It came loose on one corner and started leaking.
That was a PITA...but it came out really good as well.

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