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Selling 17 Sea Chaser - Need Some Input
« on: May 09, 2012, 07:04:02 AM »
I have a 2009 Arima 17 Sea Chaser with a 2010 90 Honda 4 stroke with 20 hours and a Load Rite Trailer (roller type) that I am wanting to sell or trade to get into a larger boat.  The boat was Fish On model but dealer added many factory options. Boat in like new condition. I bought the boat at end of 2010 to trailer and fish New Jersey waters.  In the spring of 2011 boat was moved to Florida where it is kept indoors at a marina on Gulf Coast in Palm Harbor ( little north of Clearwater). I am looking for some input as to what boat would be worth today if I sell it on my own or what I could expect to get for it in a trade. Attached are some pictures of boat when it was detailed a few weeks ago. Thanks in advance, Gary.

Boat Options:
Stainless Bow Rails
Removable Fish Container
Outboard Counter Top
Aft Jump Seats
Foredeck Hatch
Dual Battery Switch
Garmin GPS/ Fish Finder
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Re: Selling 17 Sea Chaser - Need Some Input
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2012, 09:14:35 AM »
Dear Gusdog....Your boat looks good and being almost new as it is, points the project folks away from anyone picking it up as a project deal. A 17 is one of best middle of the road boats...very popular. If you have the time...suggest you sell it on your own and bypass the dealers. You can do a better job than a dealer as it is your boat and your experiences with it that will give you a leg up with most potential customers. Plus a customer's attention will not be diluted into looking at other boats on the dealer's lot.

Here in the west, SF Bay Area/Central Valley, back in January at the boat show, a new 17 SC & 17 Sr on galv Trailer w/115 4stroke merc or yamaha...pricing was right around 34K including tax..but now that the season is in swing, they will likely be going for around 37K. You didn't mention if the boat has canvas. For your ad...I would pay attention to all of the detailed selling features/description Arima uses on their website for your model of boat and definately ID the model number of the equipment it comes a minimum of 4 close-up photo views. Pricing...What do you need or feel it is worth? Run up an ad flag on Craigs List/Ifish/Fish Sniffer/Bloodydecks and you'll get better idea on what it is worth. Most folks who buy Arima's already know about the brand, but on the East Coast they are less known. Educate your potential buyers and have them check out our our ABOG site for testimonials. I hope this helps a bit. John W.
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