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Delta Flashers on the Cheap
« on: April 18, 2012, 12:59:12 PM »
For those of you in the PDX area, Fishermens is offering Delta Tackle Flasher kits for $4.99 (regular $12.99)

It's Delta's kit form, total of four flashers (two large, two small) unassembled with leader (120# leader .. cheap insurance) and swivels, plastic bead, coastlock snaps.  Includes colored tapes and instructions.  Variety of color combinations.

For less then 1/2 hours work (or a great family project since flash, not looks matters) you will end up with four flashers at a price of $1,25 each you can sorta custom design.  I bought two sets, but as soon as I finish this I'm going back for a couple more. They have served me well in the past and often I add color tapes as the fishies change their desires.

Big flashers are 8x4" (2 ea) and small flashers are 6x3" (2 each) all in the kit.  Cheaper plastic but plenty durable and will last until you sacrifice them to the Sea Gods.

I'm seeing a lot of these "kit projects" on the market.  Labor prices in 3rd world is increasing and the distributors are introducing more kits.  I'm assembling some Herring helmets now, trible hook and single trailing hook because manufactures are stopping fully assembled units because of labor costs.