Author Topic: 17’ Sea Chaser, moored at marina. How should I utilize shore power, bilge.  (Read 140 times)

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Just curious if anyone has hard wired a receptical or some kind of marine extension cord.
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  Available in single or double short cord outlets inside the boat, uses standard (not marine) 3-prong extension cord from dock (or house) to boat.  Limited to 15 amps.
About $25 online.   I use one outlet for NOCO 2-bank smart charger, the other for Davis Airdryr.
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Just curious if anyone has hard wired a receptical or some kind of marine extension cord.
I put in the same plug davidsea used. I tucked it way up forward through the bulkhead in the lower starboard side bin so it’s out of the weather. It supplies an outdoor-rated conduit box on the other side of the bulkhead with a couple 120v receptacles. I have a small rv fan plugged in there. My two-battery smart charger is hard wired inside the box.
Plug in a 15amp extension cord and the batteries are maintained and the fan circulates air to avoid mildew in the cabin. I love it for plugging in the boat in the driveway. Works just fine at the marina, too. Pictures to follow once the sun comes up.
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I love you guys. I just ordered that Noco plug. That is precisely what I needed. Also now know that I need a Davis Airdryer. I HATE how much moisture is in my boat in the winter. Even covered. I put a few of those moisture cups in, but they only do so much. Great tips!!
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i do a similar setup, groco plug and groco maintainer. mine is on my starboard sponson/"battery" panel.

and i wonder if anyone can confirm this, but i THINK you can keep some DC circuits turned on while it's plugged in, and as long as the draw is minimal/intermittent, the battery still stays full. meaning, i think you can keep your auto-bilge on, or maybe a small DC fan in the cabin...

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