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Shockmaster Pedestals - Review
« on: February 29, 2012, 05:28:33 AM »
Shockmaster Pedestals -  Unfortunately it's a FAIL

I purchased a pair of Shockmaster pedestals in July of 2011.  Price about $400 for the pair.   They have been plagued with problems.  After six months of waiting for parts to get them working properly I'm removing them.  

The issues with them started immediately - here is the list.

1. Wrong size pedestal bases.  Shockmaster apparently only has a 9" pedestal.  I clearly gave my measurements of my bolt pattern as being 9" center to center.  This required me to create some starboard adapter plates a cost of $90 including the SS hardware to flush mount the pedestal to the plate.

2.  Spring weight is way too strong for anyone under 125lbs.  My wife couldn't actuate the seat shock unless our daughter sits in her lap for a combined 150lbs.  Shockmaster commited to send a lighter shock with my initial purchase and follow up inquires but they never delivered.

3.  Non stainless mounting hardware . The mounting screws started surface rusting within 5 days of fishing on the ocean

4.  The shock sleeve grinds on the pedestal causing it to bind and grind the aluminum.  It creates a mess in the boat and it causes to shock to bind and lock up.

The guy who runs shockmaster is pleasant to deal with but has struggled to follow through with any commitments he has made.  

Its an interesting product with potential but it's not ready for heavy use yet.  I submitted some suggestions on how to simply alter his design with addition glides, he said they are working on a new design.

My wife has a bad back so I had hopes for these but they are being pulled off the boat.
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Re: Shockmaster Pedestals - Review
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sorry to see that they were a dissapointment...  :shrug9:   I hope you find something that works for you soon.

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Re: Shockmaster Pedestals - Review
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Thanks for sharing!  It's just as important, maybe more, that we see things that don't work as planned instead of always seeing the successes.  You'll likely save someone some hard-earned cash.

Sorry it didn't work out for you.
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