Author Topic: WDFW to be gutted, your action needed NOW!  (Read 690 times)

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WDFW to be gutted, your action needed NOW!
« on: February 06, 2011, 08:55:36 AM »
Forward from another site, knowing Ron personally I am sure he would want this out!

Subject: Re: Action Alert! Senate bill to gut WDFW Commission again!

Please forward this link to everyone in your chapters, friends, family, hunters, snowmobilers, and anyone that has anything to do with our outdoors. Sign on immediatley. This happens on Thursday!!!!! After signing in voter voice please select other in the box then continue. PSA has made this easy for you.

SB 5669 and HB 1850 were introduced in the Washington State legislature. These bills would silence your recreational fishing voice for you and your kids. They will deem the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Commission powerless and make them advisory only. The WDFW Commission was established by a vote of the people by Referendum 45. We voted this in so we could participate and have a say in our fisheries. We fought long and hard to get to this enacted and even harder to get recreational friendly commissioners on the board. We have finally reached that point and now bureacrats want that power back. You no longer will be able to influence important issues in ourfisheries resources. The Commission would no longer be able to appoint the Director of Fish and Wildlife. For those of you that remember, past directors were not usually recreational friendly. Do we really want to go back to that?
SB 5669 and HB 1850 are the same bills as the Governor’s request bills merging three state Agencies-Fish and Wildlife, Parks Department, and the Recreational and Conservation Office. The Commission would no longer be able to make policies for the people of Washington, whom own the resources. Big government will take control of your resources and decision making. There is also the possibility our resources will be hijacked by special interest groups. Haven’t you had enough of this? This will set our fisheries back 20 years.
The commission works for peanuts compared to any other agency in Washington state. Merging them together in the name of saving money is ludicrous and is smoke and mirrors. Please join PSA at this very important meeting. The Senate bill has been scheduled for a Public Hearing in the Senate Natural Resources Committee on Feb. 10th at 1:30 PM. in the John A Cherberg Building Hearing Room #2 in Olympia. Please wear your PSA or CCA attire in opposition to this bill.

Please forward this on to your friends and family, hunters, snowmobilers, and all recreational and outdoor enthusiasts as they will all be affected.

Please plan on attending and wear your PSA/CCA attire. I really need you now! This is now or never time!!!! At the meeting please sign in opposing the bill.
This is the single most important thing you can do to for sportfishing.
Ron Garner