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Trailer Bearing Question???
« on: April 29, 2019, 08:45:43 PM »
Hoping on some input, regarding my trailer. I have a 2005 dual axle EZ Loader with bunks. The rear axle has original oil bath hubs. I just upgraded those, to the new aluminum replacements from EZ Loader. I really like this set up.

Here is where I'd like some input, on what direction to head. The previous owner, had the front axle brakes replaced. He had Kodiak 10" surge discs put on. The Kodiak hub is a grease fitting bearing, not oil bath. On top of that, the installer only put on the basic dust/grease caps. IMO, not the best for submerging in salt.

1) Do I retrofit with the Kodiak oil bath replacement cap? (Heard mixed reviews)

2) Use a different cover (ex. Bearing Buddy or EZ Lube) & just stick with 2 different systems?

3) Replace the brakes, with a Kodiak slide over disc, on an EZ Loader hub, and use the Reliable Oil Bath from EZ Loader? (How often do brake systems need replacing?)

Fire to any ideas or input!
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