Author Topic: Dehydrated fish (dried/jerky) recipes  (Read 289 times)

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Dehydrated fish (dried/jerky) recipes
« on: December 05, 2018, 08:29:01 AM »

I’ve been on the fence a while between a dehydrator and smoker and since a few of my friends already have smokers I decided to get a dehydrator for the leftover fish. The wife also is going to use it on fruits so that definitely factored into the purchase...

Does anyone have recipes for dried fish or jerky that they’d like to share? For that matter, any recipes for a dehydrator would be great.

In case you’re wondering, here’s the dehydrator I bought:

I believe it’s a good price and they even honored free shipping to Hawaii so I couldn’t help but order it...

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Re: Dehydrated fish (dried/jerky) recipes
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And then I realized this app posted it to the “Tips and Tricks” forum instead of the “Open” section. Mods please move if necessary. :facepalm:
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Re: Dehydrated fish (dried/jerky) recipes
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Tips and Tricks works!
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Re: Dehydrated fish (dried/jerky) recipes
« Reply #3 on: December 08, 2018, 05:53:17 PM »
I've been playing around with this a bit.
This one isn't bad and was my first attempt....

I then tried a couple of different things with the smoker.
I used a real basic dry brine of brown sugar and salt (used canning salt) and a bit of garlic.  If I remember right 4 to 1 with brown sugar being the the most.  Cut the fish the same as the youTube video.  Brined 8/10 hours or so, rinsed and then dried for a long period.  I think I pulled it out of the brine in the morning drying it all afternoon and into the evening.  I didn't want to be smoking at night so stuck the racks in an ice chest overnight.  Smoked for a couple hours and then put it into the dehydrator.  "Most" turned out well with a bit of it being a bit chewy.  The chewy stuff still had a really good taste though.  During the drying process I sprinkled ground pepper on some of the pieces.

I was experimenting with the smoking so I did have various results.  My smoker is a Mastercraft but I also have a cold smoke generator made by the company that makes Little and Big Chief smokers.  Drilled a hole into the Mastercraft so the generator could pump the smoke in.  I then ran the Mastercraft at as low of heat as I could and still make smoke with its unit.  I did leave some fish in the smoker instead of moving to the dehydrator.  It almost seems as if it's hard to go wrong as it all tastes really good. 

I did leave the skin on thinking it would help keep the fish from falling apart before brining.  When eating the stuff I pull the skin off giving it to the doggie.  She loves me for this.  One interesting note.  I vacuum packed it all but was surprised at how much oil was in the package after thawing. 

Good stuff...I think this will be the only way I'll smoke salmon from now on but I'm going to keep trying different methods.
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