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« on: February 01, 2018, 11:46:52 AM »
So we purchased our 87 Sea Hunter.  Was playing around on it yesterday and looking how I am going to mount the downriggers and modify some aft jump seats.

On the Starboard side there is a piece of plastic pipe for the electrical to run in.  Was this factory?  It most likely will be in the way of the side gunnel mounts I was going to install.

Should I be worried that the boat doesn't have a battery switch?  Previous owner suggested disconnecting the battery between use.  Doesn't make sense.

Thanks in advance.  Many more questions to come.

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Now the fun begins!!!!

I would put a bat switch in for sure, removing and replacing cables tends to bring about spark.
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Plastic conduit under the gunnel??  Don't think that is factory but its a good idea. 
Zip tie it back in place after drilling and mounting the DR mount.

Battery switch is necessary imho.  Look where the battery post nut may get to if you drop it.......
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