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Re: 1511 Explorer guys
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    The Honda BFP60 (like Fishers) has the lower, 2.33:1, gearing as well.  These lower-geared motors do have one major benefit, and that is they generally allow for a wider selection of props. 

Dear Arima:  Please "square-off" the Hunter transom.  Make it like my old 77 Silverline.  Thank you.  Oh yeah...please hurry; I'm getting old.

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Re: 1511 Explorer guys
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I completely agree with polarbill. I have always said an Arima with a light butt is the only way to go. The 60hp option that weigh's in around the 250 mark would seem like a great fit. Add a light weight tiller and I do not think TT would be needed necessarily.  Also  his comment about lower grearing is on the mark too. 25-28 mph for a top speed with that low end torque would seem like a great package. Would be like a John Deere on Kubota on the water and handle a nice load.

Thanks guys.
I have the Honda BFP60 with the larger gear case. With the right prop, and a light load it will top out at 30 MPH. Also by having a larger prop, it keeps its grip on turns very well
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