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Does anyone have experience with the Garmin STRIKER 7sv Fishfinder with CHIRP ClearVu/SideVu

Two years ago I installed a new Rayamarine a78 MFD.  I'm happy with it and use it primarily for Navigation.  It is sideview imaging capable however I would have to add the SI module and transducer which is another $600+ which never seems to happen.  I also find it somewhat annoying to switch between Charting and the fishfinder screen.  Always thought it would be nice to have a second screen. 
I was browsing the the internet the other day and came across the Striker 7sv.  For $380 I can get a second (standalone) screen for fish finding with side imaging.
Does anyone have experience with this unit, and what do you think of it?

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I picked up a striker 7 dv last year on clearance for around $250. I used it pretty much as you describe and it was nice fishing with it  this year. Having a 2nd breadcrumb dropping GPS is also nice. I would curb your expectations on the side view as it is best for shallow freshwater.  These are lower end units that only do thing.

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Thanks for the input.

A good part of the year I'm on the Neuse River in NC and a lot of it's creeks.  Lots of shallow water.  Even in the channels we're talking ten to 15 feet of water in most areas. Outside the channels we're talking down to a foot.  The water is very dark and murky pretty much can't see bottom anywhere.   The water depths can fluctuate up to 5 feet day to day depending on wind direction.  I live by the charts and sonar, keeps me out of trouble. 
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Seems like an inexpensive way to go if you just want side imaging. 

Be advised one reason the price is dropping on side imaging units is the roll out of true 3d bottom imaging.  Raymarine calls theirs "Real Vision" and their Axiom line supports it.  Garmin calls theirs Panoptix.  A Ray Axiom 7" runs $1000 for a 7" unit + the 3d transducer. 

I have a Ray A98 on my boat that I like a lot, but my screen is big enough to run map/sonar split screen and see good detail on both.  I've thought about picking up a used A78 to run on my back deck, networked with the the A98 up front so they share transducer data.

If what you mainly want is a 2nd GPS/map source and you already own an Ipad or Android tablet, consider just getting the Navionics app, along with dash mount.  More versatile, and they work great as long as you keep them dry.

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I have used Striker 7sv for about a year, and I really like this unit.  I fish inshore and bays, chirp thing is great on traditional and side imaging was very helpful when I was fishing for lobster this season.  I'm not sure how well it's going to work in deeper water, since I mostly fish 150' or less.  I use simrad 5xse for navigation and engine data and use 7sv for fish finder with 52TM transducer.  I also have totalscan transducer for simrad but garmin just seems more detailed and there is chance that simrad and garmin can conflict so don't use simrad transducer anymore, just for navigation and engine data using nmea2000.  More detail might be due to 2" bigger screen on 7sv.  I can do three way split screens with side, downview and traditional when finding structure.  Like you, my main purpose of getting 7SV was for sideviev and downview to find structure.  I wanted to cover more grounds since it was my 2nd year fishing on my own boat and didn't have my "goto" spots yet.   I only have used older fish finders without chirp before so I don't have too much experience or knowledge to compare but Would I recommend this to my friends? yes absolutely.   Would I change out to 3d scanning if I had money? Absolutely.     

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Yesterday I caved and ordered the Striker 7sv from THGPSSTORE.COM
It should arrive Friday.   
Unfortunately the boat is sitting on the trailer in North Carolina for the winter and I wont be back down there till the end of March when I will install it.
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