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Re: 10 Year Puget Sound Chinook Plan
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From the Everett Herald :  The Everett Steelhead and Salmon clubs monthly meeting is scheduled for 7pm on January 18th at the Everett Firefighter Hall 2411 Hewitt Ave.  The speaker will be Ron Gardner, President of Puget Sound Anglers  He will be discussing the proposed Puget Sound Chinook Management Plan and the effect it could have on Puget Sound fishing.  The meeting is open to the public.  I would encourage anyone in the general area who has an interest in whats going on here to attend.
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Re: 10 Year Puget Sound Chinook Plan
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Ron has posted a call for everyone to contact the Fish & Wildlife Commission as soon as possible. As Perry noted in another thread the commission held a conference call discussion today and will decide their policy at a commission meeting at the end of next week. He's also asking for as many people as possible to attend the 19 Jan commission meeting in Ridgefield.

Bureaucracies have a lot of natural inertia. Reversing course on this agreement will rile many of the stakeholders: WDFW, the tribes, NOAA, probably the court that mandated the negotiations, etc. We need the commissioners to be reminded that out of all of the stakeholders we the citizens of Washington are the ones who are their constituents and their job is to represent us. They will need solid demonstration of our dissatisfaction to take what is in their political world an incredibly drastic action. IMO to get the message across numbers are far more important than volume level of anger.

Anyway more info on the PSA site: and details on the call to action here: