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Re: Batteries moving forward
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here's a further suggestion........add some money to the budget and wire in a smart charge system! I did when I moved my batteries to the place that the porta potty occupied and I am very happy I did. When after a trip I get home , garage the boat and plug in and don't have to worry about "is it going to start next time out"! I think we are mostly guilty of stretching our battery replacement out too long and I have had the "oh no, batteries are dead" problem twice over the years so now I pay more attention to them. 2 new batteries and a smart charger so I am covered for a few years.
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Re: Batteries moving forward
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For those that have moved batteries and gone to AGM.  Did you go with two dual purpose AGM's or one AGM starting and one Dual or Deep cycle for the house?  I'm thinking that it is better for them to be the same since the ACR will put them in parallel.
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Re: Batteries moving forward
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It doesn't matter if they are dual purpose or cranking or deep cycle.  The ACR operates off voltage, and it will cut out once it's target voltage is reached.

Most series 24 marine AGM's I've seen are dual purpose.  If you step up to 27 size you start to see some purpose built deep cycles.  I ran dual purpose Exxide AGM's in my old boat.
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