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Re: Advice Needed! Sea Ranger - 19 & 21ft
« Reply #26 on: October 31, 2017, 05:48:35 PM »
When looking HP ratings, consider the engine family it comes from. The Honda 115, 135, and 150 are nearly identical in torque but the higher HP models will enable a few extra kts on the top end. As this hull loves to run 25MPH the higher HP is mostly not needed, unless you are planning on bar crossings and tuna runs. 

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Re: Advice Needed! Sea Ranger - 19 & 21ft
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very good point AGTEP.
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Re: Advice Needed! Sea Ranger - 19 & 21ft
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I've got a 21' Sea Ranger Skip Top with a Honda 130hp 4 Stroke and it will do 35mph when it's flat.  I don't think I'd want to go much faster than that on the water as I think 35mph is plenty fast and the fuel efficiency goes down quite a bit when you're running at full throttle.  I tested a 2015 21' Sea Ranger Hard Top with a Honda 150hp 4 stroke with my uncle and that did 45mph.  I personally would get a 115hp main on a 19' Sea Ranger/Chaser or get a 135hp/150hp main on a 21' Sea Ranger.... just kind of depends on how fast you want to go and how much fuel you want to burn.  I love the added space on the 21' though and would look for one of those if you're wanting to have as much space as possible.  Someone I'm sure will correct me if I'm wrong but on the 22' Sea Legend, if you're over 6' tall, do you have to take out that piece of the floor in order to stand under the Hard Top?  I keep seeing pictures of people where it looks like it has a 6-8" step down in the cab area.  That would annoy me as I like a level floor to not trip over.
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Re: Advice Needed! Sea Ranger - 19 & 21ft
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I have a 21’ Ranger soft top with a 150 hp Yammy and 9.9 kicker

1) With the stern deadrise being very mild, how does the boat ride when the winds pick up and it starts to get choppy?  Is it a very bouncy ride?   
I have gone across from North Vancouver  to Valdez island with 5 adults crabbing and prawn gear with 15 knot winds
No problems about 25 knots speed. I have trim tabs so I bring the bow down.

2) I see a 21 ft Ranger paired with a Suzuki 115 as the main... This seems like an underpowered engine size to me for a 21ft boat.  On the Arima website it states the max power on the 21ft ranger is 150 but it states that it "recommends" a 115hp outboard...  Would it struggle to get on plane if you had 4-5 adults, gear, and full gas in the boat? 
Doubt you would have issues I barely go past 3500 rpm

3) Can Arima 19 and 21 ft ranger owners tell me what they have their boats paired with for a main engine and the performance specs?  (eg, cruising speed and RPM, WOT speed and RPM)
3500 rpm 22-25 knots WOT 36 with 5 adults with crabbing and prawning  gear.

4) The back transom height where the splash well for the main engine resides looks to be low compared to other boats... Do you ever get water in the boat when you are backing up in windy conditions or when trolling for fish?n
No not in the boat but the back motor well yes but it’s self bailing

5) Does anyone know what year the Sea Ranger 19 and 21ft went to a straight "NO WOOD USED" composite construction?  I am wondering if any of the used boats that I am looking at in the 2005-2010 years had the wood-less composite construction.
No idea my boat is composite

6) Any disadvantages or things you don't like about the boat?
Not really

7) The Arima website stated something along the lines that Arima boats steer straight and that you don't need an autopilot to maintain a straight heading when you are fishing.  One of the things I don't like about fishing alone is having to run back and forth from helm to stern while setting my downriggers and fishing gear in the water... The boats I've been in often get pushed off course from winds or current or waves and I have to run back and forth while setting up my fishing gear.  I find it hard to believe an Arima would hold straight while I fish alone but I don't know as I've never fished or been on an Arima.  If I can eliminate the need to buy an expensive autopilot(which means I would have to get a higher end FishFinder and hydraulic steering to make the autopilot system work) that would be amazing.

I still have to steer especially with the kicker.

8) I've noticed Arimas aren't self bailing.  I also notice the sides and transom heights for the Ranger 19 and 21 ft are lower than the typical fishing boat in that size.  Likely a contributing factor to the lower weight this boat has compared to other.  Anyone ever get water in the boat due to the smaller side and transom heights? 

No if you did that’s what the bilge pumps are for.

9) I plan on adding a 9.9 kicker motor..  Is this a stern heavy boat and would adding a kicker make a substantial difference to performance(stability, time to plane etc)?

No none

10) I've seen some 21ft Rangers without trim tabs... I would never see a 21ft Trophy or Striper without trim tabs.  Is this required and a must have for both the 19 and 21ft Rangers?

Love my tabs would not go without.

11) Any other info you could provide would be helpful about the boat, pros, cons, setup etc...

PM me I can show you my boat

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Re: Advice Needed! Sea Ranger - 19 & 21ft
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thanks for taking the time out of your day to provide such a comprehensive post.  I'll pm you since we are both local.
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Re: Advice Needed! Sea Ranger - 19 & 21ft
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Re: horsepower, the first thing to understand about these boats is that when Juichi Arima designed these hulls he wanted them to be as fuel efficient as possible, stable, and safe.  That means fairly low dead rise at the stern (12 or 14 degrees), tall sides and a big flared bow, and designed to run with smaller motors than an equivalent-sized deep V.  More in common with Pacific dory style hulls than deep V's, both from a horsepower and speed perspective and a tendency to ride too rough to go must faster than 25-30 mph in the 21' (less in the shorter boats).

For a 21', with modern 4 strokes a 115 is perfectly acceptable as long as you are not planning to run super heavy.  A 135-150 is ideal.

In a 19', a 90 is acceptable, 115-140 ideal.

In a 17', a 75 is acceptable, 90-115 is ideal.

You get the picture.  This applies to all the Arima's except the 22, which an entirely different design and big heavy beast of a boat.  IMO, for that hull you want a v6 with 200 HP or more.

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Re: Advice Needed! Sea Ranger - 19 & 21ft
« Reply #32 on: November 01, 2017, 09:30:54 AM »
Has any 19ft or 21ft owners had a scenario where the boat would not go on plane due to an overloaded boat?  I understand these boats are powered with smaller engines but wondering if anyone ever had a situation where they had too many people onboard along with full tank of gas and gear and had difficulties getting on plane.
Not yet......The Honda 90 with trim tabs has been very good to us.  We have fished Neah Bay with 4 on board and brought back 4 limits of halibut, ling cod and black rock fish and cruised back at 18-20 knots.
When I do repower it will be with a Yamaha or Suzuki 115 though.
Love the option of being inside and having a place for a quick nap as well.
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Re: Advice Needed! Sea Ranger - 19 & 21ft
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Thanks for the info rasslingref.  Nice pics of your haul.  Must be nice to be able to catch bottomfish where they are plentiful.  In most of BC waters, there's been issues with bottomfish stock and therefore we have restrictions on 1 bottomfish(lingcod, rockfish, yellow eye, greenling etc) and 1 Halibut.  The Halibut are hard to find unless you are on the West Coast of Vancouver Island but then the waters are not protected over there and it can get ugly fast if you aren't planning your days and your timing.
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Re: Advice Needed! Sea Ranger - 19 & 21ft
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I feel like my 21ht is like a Swiss Army can use it for about anything. Lake, river, or 50 miles offshore. Pulls nice and gets good fuel economy. On calm water cruise is 26mph at 3.6mpg(if I remember correctly)...WOT 40mph. Boat should be powered for what you are doing with it. A 9.9 kicker is perfect for the 21.  They tow nice and are easy to launch. These boats are STABLE....if you get water coming over the side you are in bad shape! They will handle big water. The boat is a fishing machine...for its size I don’t think it can be beat. If you have specific questions don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck with your search....there are two on CL now...which is not common.
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