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It's Longer Than You Think!
« on: April 10, 2017, 05:06:28 PM »
This is one time where men may under estimate length.

I've been trying to solve some electrical issues on my boat and changed the secondary feed from the stern (batteries) to the forward cuddy panel on my 17' Chaser with the hope of eliminating any voltage drop problems. The dealer had run 10 gauge which seemed ok with my power needs at maybe 10 - 15 amps but I wanted to upgrade that wiring anyway (tinned marine) and replaced it today with 8 gauge from Greg's.

Being a little Chaser I think one of our members suggested that the run was maybe 10' so a 3% voltage drop calculation for 20' even at 15 amps, 10 gauge wire should be adequate. Well I measured the old wire and together, positive and negative with all the turns they were almost 40'! I never would of guessed. So 10 gauge was definitely light for my needs.

I only wish this phenom applied to other manly measurements   :whistle:
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Re: It's Longer Than You Think!
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That's why the measurement is called the Ruler!   :jester:
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