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« on: February 27, 2016, 08:33:03 AM »
What guages are recommended?  I just have a tach and Flow scan via NEMA 2000 & Lowrance. I think my outboard missed the NEMA 2000 connection port by 1/2 year (early 2006 Honda BF135 Fuel Injected).  The out board has the warning lights on the ignition.

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Re: Guages
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Year, make, and model of the engine???

Like my Etec....
The stock gauge is a tach with idiot lights (and horn) for the oil and water pump.

That's all that's really needed.
But if you want to keep tighter track and control you'll have to move up to a newer MFD with NMEA2000 capabilities.
Them you'll see fuel burn, hours, trim level (depending on the motor...mine does not have an output for that), temp, battery voltage level, alternator output, etc.
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