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Block for Backing Up
« on: January 30, 2011, 12:32:15 PM »
For you guys that back your boat into your garage think about this:

12-16" of 4x4. Couple of galvanized 4x4 braces for fences. A drill (rotor hammer is the way to go).

Drill 4 holes, use concrete expanding bolts, bolt the 4x4 in place in a position to stop your (in my case) right trailer tire (tyre for Canucks).

Now when backing up, tilt your left mirrow down to see the 4x4, back up until you hit it.  On mine if I stay about 2-4" from the left edge of the 4x4 I have clearance on the right and Jean has lots of room to put her car in the garage. Moving, remove the bolts, little concrete or expoxy, done.

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Re: Block for Backing Up
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theres a good idea for us memory challenged guys...

 :applause:thanks woody
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