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Open Forum / Re: Sea legend repower
« Last post by Markshoreline on Yesterday at 08:55:54 PM »
If you're not looking for a race horse or carrying tons of weight the 150 would be a good choice.  Lots of 22's have 225's and 250's and those boats run almost 50 mph!
Open Forum / Sea legend repower
« Last post by naniamo on Yesterday at 08:38:50 PM »
Hey Arima folks, this topic has been hashed and rehashed.I have a yr 2000 22 Sea legend with twin 90's .Handles just fine, use it for mostly ocean fishing in Santa Cruz.Well, whilst coming back from a skunk fishing trip (4 shakers)up the coast at another port. My temp alarm sounds then oil leaks out of motor.At least I had # 2 motor to putter in the last 2 miles.Assuming the worst  and it requires tons of $$ is needed to fix the leaking motor. I was pondering the thought of switching to a single..... 150 Honda.I know , I know seems under powered.The lesser weight of the 150 hp  ,458 lbs vs the 200 hp 610 lbs is what is swaying me to the lighter weight.Currently the two 90's together weigh 730 lbs so there will be a significant weight savings on either the 150 or 200hp.I mainly use this for ocean fishing so anything past 25-30  knots is usually impossible.The thought of 35+ does sound exiting.I have been trolling with the 90's since I got the boat and it works just out of neutral at a good speed with good control.Arima lists the recommended hp at 150 so to me, an all day fisherman would rather have the economy and  less weight to move around,cheaper maintenance,etc.Hoping you guys could spare a thoughts on this.Not switching brands these Honda motors have all in all been quite reliable.     
Tips & Tricks / Re: Number One Options
« Last post by Croaker Stroker on Yesterday at 08:28:44 PM »

I bet you could make it work. Might not be an exact match. But close. Your's is on the hunter chassis. His is the fist year of the redesigned 1511 chassis I believe.
Open Forum / Re: Property tax on the boat?
« Last post by Omega3 on Yesterday at 07:49:36 PM »
Here in Washington my wife and I pay over $600 a year for light rail projects that will not even be finished until after we are dead.Even if we live that long it would be something we would never use.At least we use the boat we are taxed on.
Tips & Tricks / Re: Number One Options
« Last post by Fisherdv on Yesterday at 07:40:04 PM »
That wasn’t a log you hit with your surfboard  :jester:💩
Tips & Tricks / Re: Number One Options
« Last post by AJFishin on Yesterday at 07:29:50 PM »
Back in my surfing days, we used to surf a spot in front of the Hyperion called sh*t pipe and it's wasn't given that name just for fun. It's been "blocked" off for decades, but some how a few years ago it opened :bigshock: talk about polluting :facepalm:
Open Forum / Re: Property tax on the boat?
« Last post by Tj805 on Yesterday at 07:08:59 PM »
If you pay over 5000 bucks for a boat they are going to send you a luxury tax bill ever year.
I'm not sure how long it goes for but I think for quite a while .
Have have buddies that pay big money each year for that stuff .
Arima Life / Re: Cleaning gas tank compartment help
« Last post by rockknocker on Yesterday at 06:51:17 PM »
So what a nasty job.. downrigger releases, hooks,  weights, bugs,  knife,  and some brown fudge but its all cleaned up. Ordered new tie downs today so will be a few days and wrap her up. Thanks again to everyone.
Open Forum / Re: Property tax on the boat?
« Last post by Fisherdv on Yesterday at 06:51:15 PM »
I guess that’s another benefit of not buying new
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