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Open Forum / BIG SALE @ Nixon Marine!
« Last post by Salmon King on Today at 07:25:48 PM »

Trolling Motors, Props, Cowlings, Jackplates, Consoles, Windshields, Lower Units, Panels, Seats and MORE give us a call at 1-800-355-5774 to see if we have something that will work for you! Great prices.  We will follow up the next day via messenger
Sorry no definitive answer, I'm 5'11" so have plenty clearance, my son is 6' 2" and I don't recall him having to stoop down.

Boat is 90+ miles away so I can't measure....

It may vary on different skips :shrug9:
Electronics and Electrical / Re: P75m with Gen 3 Lowrance? ?
« Last post by Mile2885 on Today at 06:45:17 PM »
Update...I did some reading on THT forum and was able to get the Xid functional. It now reads the transducer and I have selections for 83khz, med chirp and custom. I'll be curious to see how it works on the water. It does indeed look like it has a stutter when scrolling. Water time will tell if I can live with it.

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Electronics and Electrical / Re: T-8 puzzle
« Last post by FWilliams on Today at 06:05:57 PM »
if it was in my shop I would be looking at the ground cable
Arima Life / Re: Sucia Fishing
« Last post by realtordarius on Today at 05:49:24 PM »
If West Beach is not available, Deer Harbor, Roche Harbor, West Sound, and Friday Harbor are good options for gas and supplies. You could fuel up, make a loop through the islands on your way home,  go out through Obstruction or Peavine pass, and then head back North. With any decent weather, you will love this trip.  Do not depend on GPS - carry local charts! For anyone cruising around here, I highly recommend the Waggoner Cruising Guide, covers just about everything from Olympia to Ketchikan, and is updated yearly.  Available at WM and others - check it out at

Just called West Beach and they're open 8am-10pm for fuel.  Thanks for the recommendation about Waggoner, I'm headed to get a copy today!
Hello all, I wanted to list this for sale on this site first before advertising elsewhere.

I’m offering for sale my 1990 17’ Sea Chaser equipped with 2007 Yamaha 90hp (341hrs) and 2013 Yamaha 9.9hp kicker (6hrs). Boat is also equipped with Baystar hydraulic steering, trim tabs, Scotty electric downriggers, canvass top (no rips/tears or leaks), Lowrance electronics, VHF radio and washdown station. Marine survey completed in 2016 that listed the boat in VERY GOOD condition.  Both main and kicker were fully serviced in 2016. Boat and motors were ALWAYS washed and cleaned after use. Boat was stored under cover during the winter months. The boat is mated with a 2013 Road Runner trailer, which is also in very good condition.

This was my first Arima and she did not disappoint. Very capable boat in the big water and a joy to own.

I’m asking $18,000 obo for the above and I would like to sell her to someone who appreciates what these boats are all about. If interested, please email me at I currently reside on Pender Island which is where the boat is located.
Electronics and Electrical / Re: T-8 puzzle
« Last post by Fisherdv on Today at 05:35:36 PM »
 Cables to starter snug  :shrug9: All battery cable lugs snug at the battery terminals as well as inside the  battery switch?
Need a quick answer.  Anybody know the standing height under a skip top on a 17 chaser?  Would a guy who is 6’3” fit without bending over?
Electronics and Electrical / Re: T-8 puzzle
« Last post by La-Z-Buoy on Today at 05:33:09 PM »
Different equipment but similar problem. boat wInch not working, 12V at winch. Issue was bad ground. Still read 12V but wouldn't function. Fixed ground, worked like a champ. So even though you may be reading 12V check the ground post/connection. I was actually reading 12V through the bad ground.
Open Forum / Re: General Outboard re power question
« Last post by boogieman on Today at 05:17:20 PM »
Thanks Everyone for your replies.

Threeweight, I am aware that Arimas hold their value incredibly well, compared to most other boats. I am planning on making a smart decision when I buy a boat. I know they all swallow money, but I will try to minimize that. I am a fan of aluminum, but don't want one at this time.

amazing grace I understand that there are other factors in play and that performance would be hard to gauge, just wanted to hear others thoughts.

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