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Open Forum / Re: Cool boat
« Last post by Danno on Today at 05:01:35 PM »
What? No rollover test? I think the US Coast Guard has a better boat.
Arima Life / Re: What do you think
« Last post by Kingsackem on Today at 04:46:18 PM »
It has an ez load trailer and a 2006 6 horse kicker. I’m not hoping for much with the main. I’m going to do a compression test, just to see if I can get a little use out of it. Cones with 2 cannon manual downriggers and a Lowrance elite 7.
Arima Life / Re: What do you think
« Last post by troll4fish on Today at 04:38:19 PM »
I agree with threeweight! I bought my 1992 17SC for $7500 with a good running 1984 115 Evinrude  2 stroke, no electronics, workable canvas and a trailer in good shape and a nice boat cover. I repainted the motor and added new decals to it , sold it for $1500 so I then had a boat for which I paid $6K ready to add new power and toys. My hull is in great shape and I have added a ton of new toys to the boat to the tune of $26K in the whole package. I would snatch that 17 up in a second for $4k and even if the trailer is junk it is still a very workable restoration if the hull is good, no soft spots in the floor. From what I see in these 2 pictures If I was looking it would be a certain front runner. If you try to keep it cheap with that motor you will regret it! in the end you get what you pay for so bite the bullet if you get it and repower with a couple of modern day motors (main and kicker)
Open Forum / Re: What were these people thinking???
« Last post by Threeweight on Today at 04:27:16 PM »
Some guy decided it would be cool to climb out onto the rocks in front of Depoe Bay last Thursday.... when the seas were 20-25' high with occasional 30' plus sneakers.  He got thrashed then drug out to sea by a sneaker... Coasties were out looking for the body over the weekend but I have not heard if they found him yet or not.
Open Forum / Re: Cool boat
« Last post by Threeweight on Today at 04:25:12 PM »
Reminds me of the Oregon Ironworks "stealth" boats we see from time to to time testing on the Columbia.  They build these things for the Navy Seals.  Crazy fast!  I've seen them blow by running at at least 50 mph.

Seems like an inexpensive way to go if you just want side imaging. 

Be advised one reason the price is dropping on side imaging units is the roll out of true 3d bottom imaging.  Raymarine calls theirs "Real Vision" and their Axiom line supports it.  Garmin calls theirs Panoptix.  A Ray Axiom 7" runs $1000 for a 7" unit + the 3d transducer. 

I have a Ray A98 on my boat that I like a lot, but my screen is big enough to run map/sonar split screen and see good detail on both.  I've thought about picking up a used A78 to run on my back deck, networked with the the A98 up front so they share transducer data.

If what you mainly want is a 2nd GPS/map source and you already own an Ipad or Android tablet, consider just getting the Navionics app, along with dash mount.  More versatile, and they work great as long as you keep them dry.

Arima Life / Re: What do you think
« Last post by Fisherdv on Today at 04:06:38 PM »
Looks like changed to starboard panels too. I agree with 3WT. Compression test first thing. If it is only gummed carbs that’s a somewhat easy fix with the service manual. Would involve setting timing and a link and sync which is pretty involved, but can be done by the home mechanic. Hard to tell in the pics but looks like a really nice hull
Open Forum / Re: Cool boat
« Last post by Fisherdv on Today at 03:53:31 PM »
Arima Life / Re: What do you think
« Last post by Threeweight on Today at 03:51:47 PM »
At $4000, the motor is irrelevant IMO. 

An Arima 17 in fair condition with a decent galvanized trailer and an old 2 stroke typically runs $6000-8000 (higher end if the motor runs well).  Looks like that boat has good canvas.  I'd want to know what kind of shape the hull is in, any soft spots in the deck, and if the trailer is in decent shape.  The hull looks to be a mid-80's boat, given the bow rail it has.  In that case, I'd really want to look for signs of soft spots in the deck.  It is fixable if it has them, but more hassle.

If all three are "good" and I wanted a 17' hull, I'd go for it and plan on re-powering either with a used 4 stroke 90 ($4000 or so) or a new one ($9-10k).  I bought my old 89' Chaser for $6000 with a running 2 strokes (Johnson 90/15), a functional canvas, and a good trailer in 2008.  Hull was in fair to good shape. Rewire, re-power, good canvas and electronics and accessories when I sold it in 2016 for $16k with 400 hours on the main.

Re: that old motor, by running but not well, I'd assume the old 2 stroke is either suffering from low compression (in which case it's junk) or gummed up carbs (fixable pretty cheap).  IMO, it isn't worth putting more than a few hundred bucks in those motors, as they are only worth $1500 or so when running great.

Open Forum / Re: Cool boat
« Last post by Sparhawk on Today at 03:44:56 PM »
That looks sweet! Here’s a video of a test of its self-righting test.
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