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Arima Info - Straight From the Factory / Re: Windshield trim
« Last post by davidsea on Today at 08:39:41 PM »
    On my 1996 SR19 HT, the Taylor #8338950 -  ( 1" rigid screw cover vinyl ) listed on the page I referenced fits my windshield frame. Maybe you could find out from Defiance what vendor they were using when they built your boat.  If it's a 2003, the last 4 digits in your HIN should be  XX03 ,  with XX being the month, from January (01) to December (12), and 03 being 2003.   Otherwise, plan on making your own covers and gluing them on.  The chances of finding anything locally without knowing what you've got are just about zero.
Arima Life / Re: New Arima owner
« Last post by croaker stroker on Today at 08:35:55 PM »

You Scored !!   :flagwave:  Thats how it's done folks...."no pain, no gain!"   :party017:
Arima Life / Re: New Arima owner
« Last post by TJ Arima on Today at 08:32:37 PM »
Wow, nice find! Congratulations!!
Open Forum / Re: Air Fryer: Anyone have one?
« Last post by Fisherdv on Today at 08:01:15 PM »
I’ve thought about getting one too. They make it look so good on TV ads. Curious also to hear peoples thoughts.

Although isn’t that what makes fried food so good? All the grease and oil?  :food:
Open Forum / Air Fryer: Anyone have one?
« Last post by AJFishin on Today at 07:49:47 PM »
I’ve been looking into these air fryers recently, sound like a better way to eat fried food, and before I get one I wanted to see if anyone has one, what your thoughts are, and any suggestions on which one to get.
Arima Life / Re: pix up:Arima secured. Boat shop or mobile service advice
« Last post by GregE on Today at 07:42:14 PM »
Here she is heading south from the Narrows area
Arima Boats & Equipment for Sale or Trade / Re: 21 SR HT
« Last post by Arima_Matt on Today at 07:40:54 PM »
although I get not being overly negative on a particular boat.  I believe many people looking to buy an Arima or upgrade (like myself), that visit the site, use the feedback provided by members, on boats for sale, to get a general sense of what is and is NOT a good deal and why a member might think that. yes its subjective and will vary from person to person and with each boat for sale, but that's how you gain knowledge if your new to the Arima world, from its members. there is NO other real source of information to educate yourself for a purchase.   If all we ever see is X boat for sale with no comments it would be hard to get a sense of the market for that length/model/year of Arima with all its features and condition.  I definitely think a boat shouldn't be outright bashed, but i also think the owner can use the feedback on both sides to understand what the reaction/interest is on their listing at the price they set and may use it as constructive feedback to adjust if they felt it necessary.

Thank you,


Does that apply when you put your Arima up for sale and someone who has never seen it dog’s it’s value?

I hadn't planned to post again but i wanted to answer your question Danno, Yes it does. 100%   

I can take the positive and negative comments constructively and learn from them or choose to ignore them based on what they say, who is saying it and how many are agreeing or not.  If a bunch of members think my boat is priced too high when I sell it I'm fine with that.  I respect their opinions and may ultimately use that valid feedback to lower my price or just stick with it depending on what my goals are and how much I agree with them. 

I'm not trying to start trouble here and i don't post very often,  but i think a certain amount of positive or negative feedback should be allowed as this is how members without boats or wanting to upgrade get a sense of what the community thinks of a boat/price combination and their reasons why.  I think some senior members know so much about the market and these boats they forget that many of us don't and we rely on member feedback to learn and educate ourselves.  It's one of the reasons we come to the forum.

Thank you,

Tips & Tricks / Re: Canvas Guy's Work Completed
« Last post by headduck on Today at 07:11:46 PM »
What did you do with the seats..? Curious.
Not me. Picked up my 21 HT up there and towed it 16 1/2 hrs to my driveway yesterday/today. Thank you all who helped me look but it came down to the forum members  selling like it did last time too.

Nice!!! Post few pics when u can. Also looking for 22 HT hopefully after the move to Bay Area in few months.
Not me. Picked up my 21 HT up there and towed it 16 1/2 hrs to my driveway yesterday/today. Thank you all who helped me look but it came down to the forum members  selling like it did last time too.
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