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Arima Life / Re: Ablative Bottom Paint
« Last post by Yachter Yat on Today at 06:02:45 AM »
   Hi James:  If your going to trailer your boat, I'd forgo the bottom paint.  People never seem to mention it, but I believe it not only creates another maintenance problem, but may also have some slight effect on fuel consumption and overall performance as well.  This may be especially true on boats equipped with minimum (or marginal) horsepower.  I'm sure others may's what makes the world go round.  (ha)  Have fun.

Open Forum / Re: Cool boat
« Last post by ATGEP on Today at 05:28:55 AM »
looks like the weather I see every day Halibut is open
Arima Life / Re: Ablative Bottom Paint
« Last post by Sparhawk on Today at 03:48:52 AM »
If I am planning on buying an Arima and plan to have it on a trailer, if there were 2 boats in similar condition for hull and engine, all else being equal, how much weighting would you give the boat without bottom paint vs the other boat with bottom paint?  My concern with having a boat with bottom paint is that I will have to re-apply every few years since it wears away and the other concern is that with a bottom painted boat, it most likely means the owner(s) have had it sitting in salt water.   My concern with a boat sitting in salt water is that you are not able to thoroughly flush your engine with fresh water after each use.   I have never had a boat in a marina or sitting in a slip.   Do most owners have the ability to flush the engines with fresh water after each use and if so, do most people actually do the freshwater/saltaway flushing or do they just trim up the motor and let it be?  My concern is the salt eating away at the interior components.  Perhaps someone who has a boat in a marina or slip can educate me here as I dont' know what happens to boats in a slip/marina after each use.
My boat Sparhawk (Tiderunner 150 cuddy) is pretty dang similar to an Arima, she is pretty much the grandfather of the Arima and she has bottompaint and I love it. When I repaint her, which I do usually once every 4-5 years, I will be using Seahawk Sharkskin. Sharkskin is also a hybrid paint, which I believe most are epoxy based. The paint will add a bit of weight but make sure to sand off the old layer(s) when repainting. The epoxy based paint part comes into play since it is not a hard paint, the boat it is on can be trailered repeatedly and be left out without damaging the effectiveness of the paint (according to my research). As for the engine, I usually just tilt it up, but I usually only have her in the water for a week or two. If I were you, consider that you will have to repaint the hull every 3-5 years (Depending on use) and let that be a factor of whether or not you want to do the work. I would also either pull the engine apart and check all the lines as well as clean them, if you are a grease monkey like my son (Redhawk). You could also take it to a mechanic or friend who knows boat motors and have them take a look at it. I would also run some Salt-away or another salt remover through it just to be sure everything was cleaned well.
I’ve got a really clean 1988 Sea Ranger 17’ with a new ez loader trailer, 2014 Honda 90 four stroke. Radar tower, trim tabs, downriggers, potpuller, new canvas soft top, things got it all. Check it out.

I’m in Humboldt now, but am moving back to my home town of Laguna Niguel here soon. If your interested we could talk about some arrangement
Just noticed there's a 19 foot Arima Searanger on craigslist San Diego for 9k if there's anyone in that area looking for one! Sounds like it's been on the hard for a while.
Fishing Reports & Tips / Re: Update on farmed escapees
« Last post by First Cabin on Yesterday at 10:05:09 PM »
Im not losing any sleep over it.  Want to lose some sleep?

Northern Pike in the Columbia.  WDFW turns a blind eye to bass and walleye in the Columbia...with Northern Pike the next invasive species coming down river.

Salmon fed, world class northern Pike....yippee!
Fishing Reports & Tips / Re: Knarly Doood
« Last post by Threeweight on Yesterday at 09:54:14 PM »
A few years ago some of the guys at the Motor Lifeboat School at the mouth of the Columbia put together this video of a bunch of training footage.  Cool stuff... especially about 2 minutes 45 seconds in, when they intentionally roll a 47' aluminum MLB and allow it to self right.

Also some cool shots of rescue swimmers training, and crews training on the Victory, a 1950's era 52' MLB that was restored a few years ago.
Thanks for the input.

A good part of the year I'm on the Neuse River in NC and a lot of it's creeks.  Lots of shallow water.  Even in the channels we're talking ten to 15 feet of water in most areas. Outside the channels we're talking down to a foot.  The water is very dark and murky pretty much can't see bottom anywhere.   The water depths can fluctuate up to 5 feet day to day depending on wind direction.  I live by the charts and sonar, keeps me out of trouble. 
Open Forum / Re: Oregonians pumping their own gas?
« Last post by headduck on Yesterday at 07:46:29 PM »
We just stopped in a small town in Oregon and the attendant offered a tutorial...

green gas...hilarious and the first choice of the left coast...similar to clean coal out east.
Arima Group Activities / Re: Portland Sportsman Show
« Last post by GregE on Yesterday at 07:41:00 PM »
and a remembrance tribute to Woody

We may be able to make the trip if I can get dog sitters
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