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Title: Please Don't Post Phone # & E-mail Addresses
Post by: StreamFixer on July 24, 2013, 07:33:01 AM

Please keep in mind that we have 50 to 150 "guests" on line with our forum at all times.  Those 'guests' range from the US to China, Russia and all points in between, however, I do not recall seeing one from Botswana yet. 

Many of those "guests' are robot connections harvesting personal information to include in data bases being sold to whoever might want them for whatever reason.

FYI, there is a relatively small town in one of the Balkan countries that sells more luxury cars than any other community in Europe.  Nearly all the buyers are young internet hackers.  Obviously a low over-head thriving business...  Maybe that is where some of the Nigerian prince's riches have landed??   :shrug9:

That being said, I would advise caution in posting your phone number, e-mail or other personal information in an open post.  You may wish to consider using a PM for that purpose.

Not all the guests are nice folks.