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My 2001 Arima Sea Ranger Project
Photos of modifications and upgrades to my 2001 SR19 named Reel Delight after I purchased it in 2009 and before I put it on the water for the 2010 fishing season. It was a project of love.
Kicker Mount & Yamaha T8
Some photos of my Yamaha T8 power tilt outboard mounted on a Garelick aux. motor mount and installed with a Panther T-4 electronic steering system.
My "new used" Arima
September 2009 I purchased my Arima Sea Ranger 19
My Boat House
No beautiful Arima should ever spend the winter under ice & snow. So I had a house built for the Reel Delight.
Centric SAS Seats
These are photos of my new Attwood Centric seats that I install in 2011 and they fit nicely. No modifications were needed to install them in place of the Arima stock seats.
Washdown System
My Arima did not have a factory installed raw water washdown system and I am tired of using a bucket to wash away fish slime & blood; so, I installed my own washdown pump system.
New Projects or Wish List
Items on my wish list for new additions or upgrades to my SR19
NewCanvas in 2012
I just had all my canvas replaced on my Sea Ranger and the canvas a bit customized to my needs.
Tackle Solutions aboard my SR19
I like a tidy boat and an organized system so that all my gear has a place and I can find it quickly. This includes my fishing tackle.
Arima Sale Photos

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