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Open Forum / Re: Lead Ban in California
« Last post by Fisherdv on Today at 05:42:40 PM »
Thanks for the info AJ. Good to know
Not mine but looks very nice. Bay Area Craigslist
Open Forum / Re: Lead Ban in California
« Last post by AJFishin on Today at 05:22:22 PM »

UPDATE: April 26, 2018
(from an email that was sent to me.)

Anglers Score Victory, Threat Remains

On April 24th, Assembly Bill 2787, authored by Assemblyman Bill Quirk, passed out (6-1) of the Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials, but not before being amended from an outright ban of fishing weights/sinkers 50 grams or less, to a bill that will “study” the potential impacts of lead on California wildlife.

While we appreciate the author’s willingness to amend the bill and work with the angling community, the bill has NOT earned our support – not yet. The study, as defined by the author, is overly broad and could be contracted out to an anti-fishing organization, instead of an objective government agency. This is important given that organizations hostile to fishing continue to support this bill.

Anglers can claim a big victory here, but there is no question that we need to continue to communicate to legislators the importance of protecting recreational fishing’s future. Proponents of banning lead fishing tackle will not give up, even if there is no science to justify it.

What’s more the bill could be amended back to its original form, so please continue to OPPOSE the bill and sign the online petition, if you have not already!

Our efforts to stop unreasonable restrictions on fishing continues. Visit our website or Facebook page for AB2787 updates!
Open Forum / Re: A stock tip
« Last post by Omega3 on Today at 04:26:47 PM »
At those returns every 100 you risk returns you 6 bucks a YEAR.
Open Forum / Re: A stock tip
« Last post by Wiley on Today at 04:11:27 PM »
Yat, what kind of time frame would you consider this to be ? 5 year, 10 year or ?
I went to reopen my Scott trade account. Oops td ameritrade bought them.. guess it’s been awhile
You have encouraged me to open an account again. Thanks again
Open Forum / Re: A stock tip
« Last post by La-Z-Buoy on Today at 04:04:59 PM »
    This company is never going away. 

That's what I thought about UAL (United Air Lines) a number of years ago..........  :doh:
Open Forum / Re: A stock tip
« Last post by Mooch on Today at 03:45:21 PM »
Don’t invest more than you can afford to loose.

So I shouldn't use my credit card to load up on AT&T?

This company is never going away.   


Keep in mind, your not looking for major appreciation here.........your looking for solid, steady income in a solid company. 


“When even shoeshine boys are giving you stock tips, it’s time to sell” (Joe Kennedy or Bernard Barooke)
Open Forum / Re: A stock tip
« Last post by Markshoreline on Today at 02:54:23 PM »
Buying one of the top 10 companies of the Fortune 500 index at a 20% discount is a good move, in my opinion too!
Open Forum / Re: A stock tip
« Last post by Danno on Today at 02:52:23 PM »
Buy low sell high.Be careful though,if history likes to repeat itself the Trump bump will be followed by a huge dip.

It already has
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