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Tips & Tricks / Re: Keelguard
« Last post by jamaica on Today at 09:53:05 AM »
Looks great. Can you share the source of the keelguard? Thanks
I’ve been in this same debate for years.  I have 14 year old RayMarine electronics, including radar.  I found it really difficult to pull the trigger on completely new equipment, especially when they seem to upgrade their models so often.  I essentially ended up punting and just added a Dragonfly unit which gave me redundancy, modernized fish-finding, and the ability to have an additional screen (or more than one if paired with a phone or iPad).  I’d still like to upgrade my radar but when I do, I think I’m likely to go with one of the standalone radar options that will pair to a mobile device rather than getting something compatible with an overpriced head unit that I really don’t need.  I’m sure I’d love a whole new set of goodies but it seems tough finding the value in some of the mid-high end packages.
Tips & Tricks / Re: Keelguard
« Last post by Markshoreline on Today at 09:00:36 AM »
Good job on a clean install.  I’ve done some beaching that resulted in my keel guard getting small gashes.  I trim the flaps off and fill the void with 5200, and it works great.  Of course, yours looks so nice you probably won’t put it on the beach!   :jester:
My Raymarine is not user friendly as you should know since I think we have the same units.  I would look at garmin products for a more intuitive/ user-friendly operating system.

Arima Life / Re: Sea ranger 17 fuel capacity puzzle
« Last post by Rokefin on Today at 08:47:03 AM »
16 gallon opinion....

Mine is a 16 and there's no doubt about that....

Maybe the early models were 16 gallon tanks.

I had a 89 17 ft Chaser and it did have the 23 gallon tank but it is probable that it was an upgrade, the Chaser was set up for offshore - it had a custom cuddy tank in the bow also.
Tips & Tricks / Re: Keelguard
« Last post by Rokefin on Today at 07:47:12 AM »
Looks like it is factory - really clean looking job!
Tips & Tricks / Re: Keelguard
« Last post by davidsea on Yesterday at 11:37:37 PM »
 Wiped twice with   PPG DX330 Acryliclean,  final wipedown with 90% isopropyl alcohol.  This combo will remove almost any surface contamination that affects adhesion.
Tips & Tricks / Re: Keelguard
« Last post by Croaker Stroker on Yesterday at 10:46:28 PM »

Very nice clean install.

What did you use to clean the 5200 ?
Tips & Tricks / Re: Keelguard
« Last post by GregE on Yesterday at 10:09:53 PM »
Nice smooth application!!   :applause:

5200??  Good thing you got it on straight...
Tips & Tricks / EZ-Loader roller trailer fix
« Last post by davidsea on Yesterday at 09:26:54 PM »
  When I was replacing the rollers on my 1996 EZ-loader, I noticed that at least one of the roller axles was a bit loose.  The newer trailers use a different mounting system, but if you have an older one, this is something you might want to look at.  The axles are aluminum, and were in fine shape.  Each one is mounted to the swivel bunks with 2 u-bolts, a backup plate, and 4 nylock nuts.  The u-bolts are a little different, in that they are squared off on top, rather than being a curved profile.  All of this hardware was severely rusted and flaking off, no way to tighten anything, so I cut it all off and replaced everything.  I was shocked to see a small, shiny smooth patch worn on the inside of every one of the u-bolts. (see picture)  This means that they were ALL loose enough for the axles to move. Bad things would happen to the bottom of the boat if one or more of these decided to depart the trailer.  :hoboy:  This is NOT a criticism of EZ-Loader.  After 22 years dipped in salt, rust happens.  To their credit, all the parts are still available - no problem - great customer service.
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