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Tips & Tricks / Re: New Seadeck floor
« Last post by Hammer head on Today at 05:16:43 AM »
I had it done by Contemporary Marine Services in Spokane. They charged $75 for the logo Is there contact info I think once they measure a certain boat model they would have a template I have a 2004 21 SR
Tips & Tricks / Re: New Seadeck floor
« Last post by Hammer head on Today at 05:09:29 AM »
Logo cost $75 to have put in
Open Forum / Re: How to negotiate for a new pole
« Last post by Redhawk on Today at 05:01:17 AM »
2 things I got going for me:  I bought my girlfriend a Penn rod and reel for Xmas, and I don't ask to see her Nordstrom balance! :smile1:
Pretty sure not seeing the Nordstrom balance is best for the both of you!
Arima Life / Re: AO transport system
« Last post by HemiGTX on Today at 04:33:06 AM »
RR: we can work something out!
Arima Life / Re: AO transport system
« Last post by rasslingref on Today at 01:59:12 AM »
SF:  We will be heading that direction either Friday or Saturday.  We will meet up with you after our purchase. PM me your phone number.  HemiGTX there will be a ransom for the safe return of these lost tools.

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Not has a zipper on the opening side of the center window.  It is about 18” long and straight.
The “flap” is just a small piece of the canvas where the front corner just flops back in a triangular fashion.
You still cannot stand at the helm with this canvas.

Honestly I don’t understand why everyone feels the need to stand.
I always sat at the helm...even after installing my Skiff top where I could have.
The helm steering was extremely uncomfortable to me while standing.
How do I know how many pole my alternator is on my motor to set that dial on the tach? Motor is 2017 Honda BFP60. It shouldn’t be dirty yet as the boats only about 6 months old and stored in garage. I’m wondering how my poles on my alternator so I can set up the new tach if needed.

Some Honda Tachs have a rotary selector switch under a round rubber plug, and the contacts get dirty.  Just take not of the as found position, with a small screw driver rotate the switch several time then position the switch in the original position. 

Tips & Tricks / Re: 2 batteries on the starboard side SR 17
« Last post by troll4fish on Yesterday at 08:13:07 PM »
To lighten the rear I moved my batteries to the front where the porta potty was in my 92 SC17. I have a Honda 8HP full remote power tilt kicker on the salt boss style Arima bracket and a Merc 90hp EFI 4 stroke so the back end was a little low in the water and that is why I moved my batteries. I do now have 2-3Gal tanks on each side in the rear for the kicker fuel. Boat is better balanced now and planes nicely with little effort.
Tips & Tricks / Re: 2 batteries on the starboard side SR 17
« Last post by SB Steve on Yesterday at 07:54:54 PM »
Not exactly the same setup but I have a 17 SC with two Group 24 batteries in the starboard sponson with a 9.9 Honda 4 stroke kicker on the port side and it balances out well. My fuel is supplied by the main belly tank (in place of the fishbox) and an auxiliary 12 gallon tank where most have the 27 gallon tank. Seems to balance out pretty well for the most part.

I didn’t use battery trays; used battery boxes and had to drill new mounting holes for the straps.
I am thinking my boat will balance out well too.  My kicker doesn't weigh as much as yours, but I thought it felt a little heavy at times on the port side.  I have an original 23 gallon tank, but I like to keep a 3 gallon spare onboard.

  I was planning on replacing the battery trays, but battery boxes are worth some thought.
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